Finished early with your project?

Here are a few things you can do after you have completed your assignment:

In your sketchbook, draw and write about ways you could display your work.

Here are some questions to consider: What space would you want it to go in? Who do you want to view the work? Will the work be on the floor, ceiling, wall, window?

Find artists whose work relates to yours and create a list in your notes/sketchbook.

Here are some websites to look for artists:

(Use caution while looking for art as the site below may have nudity, profanity, etc.)

Contemporary Art Daily
Tropical Contemporary

Apply for a show

Fill out this form to apply for a show at the school:

Ask for feedback from: A Stranger, A Friend, and A Classmate

Ask them questions and write notes in your sketchbook on ideas about how to improve your art and what other people see without giving them context about your piece.

Make an iteration of a project you've finished

Think about what you've made -- What is next?


  1. Continue with your concept -- Keep making work about the same idea

  2. Change up your material/ground -- Maybe you could print your work in a zine or on a wall

Come Up with Ideas for Your Next Project:

  1. Exquisite Corpses

"Participants play by taking turns drawing sections of a body on a sheet of paper, folded to hide each individual contribution. The first player adds a head—then, without knowing what that head looks like, the next artist adds a torso, and so on. In this way, a strange, comical, often grotesque creature is born. " Link