Ms. Fiona Barney

Contact Information:

Website: www.barneyart.space

Email: fmbarney@graniteschools.org

Classroom #607

Prep period: A1

Class Description:

Welcome to Art Class! I am really excited to be teaching this class. Beyond developing traditional drawing techniques and exploring a variety of media, we will also be doing extensive journaling and creating introspective, experimental, and exploratory work. All the projects in this class are designed to help us to see and respond creatively with new perspectives. Every class Ms. Barney will post what we do on the class website www.barneyart.space.

Workshops and Assignments:

The class is split up into workshops and assignments. For the assignments we do, students are able to choose what medium they want to work with. I teach workshops for the students to be able to gain a range of different art skills to be able to have the tools they need to create their art. The overall objective for my class is for students to have autonomy to create work they are interested in as they develop creative thinking skills and explore different ideas.

Class Fees

There is a fee for this class. The fee covers the art supplies that we will be using for this class i.e., paintbrushes, pencils, paper, ink, paint, etc.


Students are expected to bring the following to each class:

  • A Pencil/Pen

  • A Sketchbook (which we will be making in class)

  • We will look at optional materials and supplies that can be purchased or scavenged from everyday places. We will investigate a variety of pigments and suspensions to make our own media and we will scrutinize various supports (like canvas, paper, wood, concrete, etc) and grounds.

Absent and Tardy Policy:

If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class they will be marked as absent. If the student leaves class early or leaves class without permission they will be marked absent or truant. If a student is absent from class it becomes that student’s responsibility to get any missed information from the class website and Canvas. If the student knows they will be gone for a specific day, then they will need to visit the teacher prior to the days they will be gone in order to get information on any assignments or an explanation of required homework.

In Case of Sickness or Quarantine:

Ms. Barney will keep the assignments and activities posted regularly on the class website, www.barneyart.space, and Canvas for students to refer to in case they need to miss class. It is the expectation that students will check the class website and Canvas regularly, particularly in the case that they are unable to come to school.

Keeping the Art Classroom Safe during COVID-19:

In this time of COVID, we will take special effort to try to keep the classroom clean and safe. Hand sanitizer will be available for use, as well as sink with soap for frequent hand-washing. As part of clean-up, each student will wipe down and sanitize their workstation. The students and I will need to both do our parts to keep the classroom safe.

Image Release:

I want to showcase the work my students are doing, and I often take photos and videos in class for use in education journals, my website, and social media. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


In this class, we will be looking at a range of images in contemporary art. This means there may be images of the unclothed human body, age-appropriate issues, and controversial subject matter, so that we can know what is happening in the discipline as well as build critical thinking skills.

Class Rules and Expectations:

Students are expected to respect others, the classroom, materials, and themselves. We will discuss the particulars of these expectations in more detail in class.

Chromebooks and Phones:

Cellphones are not to be used in class. Chromebooks will only be used for academic purposes and directly contribute to the production of their own artwork relating to this class. Chromebooks are only to be used during studio time for photos, image references, and art research. If phones are being misused they will be taken away.

Grading Scale:

94-100% A

90-93% A-

87-89% B+

84-86% B

80-83% B-

77-79% C+

74-76% C

70-73% C-

67-69% D+

64-66% D

60-63% D-

0-59% F

Grading Policies:

Late Work: Late work will not be accepted unless approved by Ms. Barney before the due date. Work that is turned in late will be docked up to 50% of the grade. Late work must be turned in before the end of the term.

You may not turn in previously completed work or work from another art class for credit.

Submitting work: All work needs to be submitted through CANVAS. This means that if students turn in their project via email, show Ms. Barney in class, or submits their assignment in any other way other than Canvas, it will receive a 0.

Participation Points:

Each student will begin every term with a citizenship grade. This is given at the beginning of the semester and points are only lost when class rules are broken or students come unprepared to class.

Students will receive participation points each day for:

  • Attending Class

  • Listening and sharing opinions in class discussions

  • Using all available class time to work on art projects

  • Completing daily clean-up jobs

If a student misses class, they can make-up these points by doing an alternative project on Canvas.


I will not tolerate any form of bullying or any kind of talk that would offend nondominant genders, races, religions, and cultures. In my class, we will be looking at art that represents different perspectives of genders, races, religions, and cultures. I feel that when we learn and see different perspectives, we become more educated and can become more empathetic.

"Culture is central to learning. It plays a role not only in communicating and receiving information but also in shaping the thinking process of groups and individuals. A pedagogy that acknowledges, responds to, and celebrates fundamental cultures offers full, equitable access to education for students from all cultures.” Furthermore, I uphold the following policy: “The School District Does Not Discriminate On The Basis Of Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Disability, Age, Or Any Other Classification Protected By Law In Its Programs, Activities Or Employment Practices.”

Please fill out the bottom section of this document either by printing it out and signing it and turning it in as a .jpg, .pdf, or .doc via Canvas or by responding in Canvas that you and your parents have read this disclosure document and you understand the rules, expectations, and procedures of Ms. Barney’s classroom and that you agree to follow them. It is an assignment. I recommend keeping the rest of this document for future reference. Thank you! I look forward to all the amazing art we’ll create and the things we’ll learn together.

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Student Name (please print) _______________________________________ Period:_____

I have read the disclosure document for Ms. Barney’s class and understand the rules, expectations, and procedures of her classroom and agree to follow them.

Student Signature:__________________________________________ Date:_____________

Parent/Guardian Signature:___________________________________ Date:_____________