What Makes a Good Art Assignment?


the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.” If the teacher were to give the same assignment to more than one student, the teacher should not be able to predict the outcome of said assignment. There should be enough ambiguity in the assignment that it can be interpreted in many ways.

Allows Autonomy

autonomy is about a person's ability to act on their own values and interests” The assignment should allow students to be able to make their own choices (choices of materials, presentation, methodology) so the assignment becomes their own instead of the teachers.


a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction.”

Students should be able to make their own recipes and formulas to create their work. It should allow for failure, play, experimentation, and invention.

Sophie's Art Assignment Example:

Gather, Explore, Develop, Reflect

  1. Pick an art assignment and identify the artist's process and what ways you see ambiguity, autonomy, and limitations in the art assignment. Write a paragraph about what the assignment is about and what the limitations and process are.

  2. Identify some themes in the assignment

3. Make your own art assignment based on the art assignment you read about. Make sure your art assignment is ambiguous, allows autonomy, and has limitations. If you need help, look at http://www.theartassignment.com/ for more examples.

Student examples: (RAD)ART