Process + Process Mark Making

5 Pieces

Create a Finished Piece

Identity Zine





Day 1

August 16, 2021


  1. Welcome!

  2. Slides ---> About AP art

  3. Tiny Zine Making Workshop

  4. Draw something!

NEXT TIME: Bring a piece of art that you made!


Day 2

August 18, 2021


  1. Starter: Write a list of things you're interested in (Hobbies, topics, things you're passionate about, etc.)

  2. Show and tell art time! What did you bring? What did you make?

  3. Let's go over some themes and topics.

  4. Make a website (free website builders: Weebly, Wix, Google Sites)

TO DO: Make a series of 5 pieces due on August 26 about a theme of your choice.

Day 3

August 20, 2021


  1. Starter: Go onto your website, and write a list of as many nouns as you can think of .

  2. Show and tell art time! What did you bring? What did you make?

  3. Work on website, sketchbook, or series of 5 artworks.

TO DO: Make a series of 5 pieces due on August 26 about a theme of your choice.

Day 4

August 23, 2021


  1. Starter: Go to your website and add a picture of what you are working on along with today's date and a short description of how your 5 pieces are coming along.



  4. Creating a list of topics!

  5. Add artists onto your website every week!

  6. Work on your 5 pieces!


Day 5

August 25, 2021


  1. Starter: Go to "The Art Assignment", look through the assignments, and find a couple you like. Then post about it on your website.

  2. Disclosure Document!

  3. Work on 5 pieces! DUE MONDAY!

Day 6

August 30, 2021


  1. Starter: Get out your site and answer the following questions on your site: What were some of your successes? What didn't turn out how you wanted? What words/themes/topics do you notice in your work?

  2. Five Pieces critiques!

a. Concept

b. Context

c. Content

  1. Are your pieces finished? How or how not?

  2. What would you have done differently if you could do it again?

  3. What themes came up in your work?

  4. Write about your attempt to make your work, make a google drive, post about it.


Each person will receive as many sticky notes as there are students. For the first part of the critique artist will only listen and not talk.

  1. We will start by talking about content! Students will describe what they see. Color, shape, line, texture, formal elements. What medium is it made of? Size? Ground? (Not what it means, just what is physically there)

  2. Write down what the work reminds you of on your stick note.

  3. Context. What does the work remind you of? Does it relate to any art movement? History? What conversation is the piece part of?

  4. Students will write down what themes or topics are present on their sticky notes. (words about the work like nostalgic, dark, comforting, memory, death, etc.)

  5. What themes do you notice in the work? What questions do you have about it? What pieces are you drawn to or parts of the piece? Does the piece look finished? Why or why not? How do the materials used to make the piece relate to the content? Is there anything taking away from the piece?

  6. Now the artist can speak! Questions for the artist: What was your process. Why did you make the decisions you did? What were successes or challenges? How does the piece relate to your last work? What research did you do?

Day 7

September 1, 2021


  1. Starter: Get out your site and a

  2. Five Pieces critiques part 2!

a. Concept

b. Context

c. Content

What was your process?

  1. Make a google drive folder to put the photos of your work and share with Barney!

  2. What themes should we focus on in this class? What processes do you want to learn?

Day 8

September 3, 2021


  1. Starter: Add critiques to your website!

  2. Paper Marbling!

  3. AP TEST talk from counselor

Day 10

September 13, 2021


  1. Go onto your website and make a tab under investigation called "Identity"

  2. What is your identity?

  3. Artists: Dalila Sanabria, Annelise Duque, Tanya Aguiniga

Day 11

September 15, 2021

  1. Identity Zine

  2. Zine Workshop

Day 12

September 20, 2021

Identity Zine

Mark Making Assignment

Day 13

September 22, 2021

  1. Get out what you are working on an post on your website

  2. Process + Process: Mark Making Assignment Intro

  3. Assignment: Think about processes that are traditionally not considered art. Baking, repairing, eating, soap making, make-up, car fixing, playing soccer, horseback riding, etc. How can we disrupt standard narratives? What happens at the intersection between an art process and something you like to do? Where do you see elements of drawing in your everyday life? Make a piece of work and document the process and/or final piece.

Day 14

September 24, 2021

Identity Zine

Mark Making Assignment

Day 15

September 27, 2021

Identity Zine

Mark Making Assignment

Day 16

September 29, 2021

Identity Zine DUE TODAY!

Day 17

October 4, 2021


1. Update your website and check Canvas

2. Today you can make whatever you want. The purpose of this assignment is to experiment with new materials and play with new ideas.

DUE: Mark Making Assignment DUE TODAY!

Day 18

October 6, 2021


1. Get out your zine and take about it. Why did you make the choices you made? What did you learn about yourself while doing it?

2. Identity discussion

3. Learning to love you more